A new logo for the Iron County Miner

What an honor it was when the Editor of the Iron County Miner asked me to design a new logo
for the newspaper and printing business. In the five years that I’ve lived along the Gogebic Range, I’ve been steeped in the traditions and culture of this delightful place
called Hurley, Wisconsin. I’ve learned about our ancestors, and the way our cities grew and
blossomed along a vein of iron ore, populated by immigrants from many countries. People that
came here for the opportunities the mines offered, and stayed because of the families and
strong communities they built. The Iron County Miner started soon after the first load of ore
left Bessemer by rail, in 1885. For as long as there have been mining settlements along the
Gogebic Range, the Miner has been right here, reporting the news, illuminating the lives of
residents, and advertising local businesses within its pages.
It is in honor of those hardy souls that risked their lives to bring precious metals up from deep
pits in the earth to shine in the sunlight, and in exchange built a string of cities in a wild place
populated by strong people, that I present to you a logo that honors the namesake of the
newspaper, the Iron County miner.