Autumn Hill Creative effectively promotes your business through a variety of media such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, television as well as the Internet.

Our services include strategy formulation, direct marketing, creation of TV and radio commercials, Internet campaigns and research, media selection and buying, and public relations.

Direct Mail, Online Marketing, and Social Networking 

When used as part of a strategic plan, these mediums target your audience, personalize your marketing, earn higher response rates, generate repeat sales, and compete with larger businesses. We're experts in leveraging these tools to your advantage. 

TV and radio commercials

We research the best demographic and partner with TV and Radio representatives to produce compelling ads and develop an effective broadcast schedule. We save you time and money by developing the storyboards and scripts. We make recommendations to the media partner based on our knowledge of your products and services, and your marketing strategy.

Internet Campaigns and Research

We can help you collect an on-line database of subscribers, filter desired records, and keep them updated about the features, benefits, and innovations in your products and services. We can research your competitors and provide insightful easy-to-understand results.

Media Selection and Buying

We develop advertising strategies for your business, select media, and negotiate based on the target market for your products and services. Your customers will learn about your businesses through the media outlets most frequented by them. You'll save money by sticking to your plan rather than impulse purchasing.

Public Relations

Because it is unpaid advertising, publicity is the most credible of promotional sources and very valuable. We make recommendations for public relations opportunities and write high quality, interesting news pieces for all media.

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